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7 Ways to Avoid Scary Web Design

  • by Michael Findlay
  • on Dec 05, 2011
Who's scared of web design? Not us - unless it makes our skin crawl. Here's our shortlist of the most frightening elements of web sites

How to critique a website design, and accept criticism

  • by Matt Morrison
  • on Oct 06, 2011
Giving and receiving criticism is an art. Luckily for us our websites are always perfect. Oh, OK, a small amount of critiquing can be very useful. In this blog we’re going to cover the basics of critiquing a website and also look at ways we designers can be good recipients of criticism...

Persuasion in web design: emotional triggers versus trickery

  • by Robert Pascale
  • on Sep 30, 2011

As web designers we make our sites as user friendly, appealing and unbreakable as possible. It looks good, it does what it’s meant to, and the client is happy. Job well done! Or not.

Enter persuasion web design: the ability of the designer to change or coax a user into a particular intent. Here we’ll look at some of the more common elements used at the moment.

What is defensive web design and how can you use it?

  • by Susannah Morrison
  • on Sep 20, 2011
Your site will break. It may just be a small html error on a static page, or your checkout page will start spitting out 404 errors. Something, somewhere, will break. And users will see this. In answer to this inevitable fact, defensive web design will minimise damage, and keep your audience on track. Defensive web design (or contingency web design) is about intuitively responding to things going wrong on a site...

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